2-4 hrs.

If you are interested in World War I testimonies, you cannot absolutely miss the open air Museum of “Cinque Torri”, in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Cinque Torri (or 5 Torri) is a small and very characteristic Dolomite group very close to Cortina, composed by five rock towers of different size, well known as school areas for climbing. They are also in the heart of a large complex struggled for a long time during the World War I between Italian mountain corps, the “Alpini”, and the Austrian ones, the “Kaiserjaeger”. From the 5 Torri area the Italian troops were bombing the Austrian ones situated in a better position on the Tofane group. Today, after a long and very accurate restoration of the Italian War emplacements, it is possible to visit the trenches and the barracks, in a very suggestive and emotional tour. The tour of the Museum can be done in 1-1,5 hrs, starting from the Scoiattoli Hut. The path is easy and walkable from everyone.

The path is marked and set up with information boards in Italian, German and English. To give you a more immersive tour, the Museum has been settled up with mannequins of the soldiers, rebuilted barracks and machine guns and cannons. How to reach the Scoiattoli Hut (start point): the Hut is situated very close to 5 Torri, at 2.255 mt altitude. If you want to reach it without any effort, you can take the chair lift that starts from “Baita Bai De Dones Restaurant and Car Park“, on the road of Passo Falzarego, 20 minutes out from Cortina. Prices here. If you like to arrive to the Hut hiking, you can take the path number 440 from the main road between Falzarego and Cortina just below the Pian dei Menis area. Hiking time extra 1’30 hrs.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONHiking: Pian dei Menis, 1.790 mt
Chair lift: Baita Bai De Dones Car Park, 1.889 mt(Cortina d’Ampezzo, 2h20′ from Venice – 2h from Treviso)
DEPARTURE TIMERecommended not after 10:00 AM.
LENGHT OF HIKEFrom Pian de Menis approx. 5 hrs.
With Chair lift from Bai de Dones approx. 2 hrs
WEARComfortable athletic clothing (according with the weather), hiking boots, hat, rain jacket and sunscreen.
ELEVATION GAINFrom Pian de Menis approx. +450 mt.
With Chair lift from Bai de Dones approx. +100 mt.
Hiking: Pian dei Menis, 1.790 mt
Chair lift: Baita Bai De Dones Car Park, 1.889 mt.
Scioattoli Hut 2.255 mt
DANGEROUS POINTSNo one in particular. Caution must always be used, especially with bad weather conditions
SEASONFrom June to October.
RECOMMENDEDWalking into the trenches and the rests of military barracks. You can complete the tour visiting the “Museo Intra i Sass” (or “Tre Sassi Museum”, an Austrian fort recently restored.


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Hiking<em>:</em> Pian dei Menis /Chair lift<em>:</em> Baita Bai De Dones Car Park, Ready to Start


Scoiattoli Hut


Museum visit, Trenches and barracks


Scoiattoli Hut


Back to the starting point

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ATT. The track consider the the hike to start at Pian dei Menis on the road to Falzarego Pass.

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