Who I Am

Hello everybody! Happy to have you on my website. My name is Matteo “Matt” Cerutti, I am a really passionate Dolomites hiker, the Alps subgroup settled in the Eastern area of Italy. Dolomites are well known all over the world as UNESCO heritage and for the particular composition of their rocks, that gives them a light colour. This is why in Italy Dolomites are also known as “Monti Pallidi” (pale mountains).

Hiking in this particular and extended mountain area is really exciting and full of any kind of satisfaction, for the variety of the landscapes, beautiful panorama, and for the possibility for any kind of hikers to find many solutions to have a great time!

I started to hike on Dolomites since I was a child, following my father and my grandfather on the trails and peaks of these wonderful mountains. And till now I take the most of my free time to that.

I live in Venice, the chief town of Veneto, the region that, together with Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, hold the main part of Dolomites mountains.

I am writing this website in English to let all English speaking hikers to take easily informations and useful details to plan their hike on Dolomites. You will surely read an imperfect English but I hope I can match it with a great passion!

All you can find in the website comes from my personal experience.

Remember that Dolomites are a natural enviroment and you have to approach it with carefulness, respect and choosing hikes appropriate to your experience and training. Each decision you take is at your own risk.

Remember also that asking suggestions and help from the Alpine Guides is always a good idea.

Hope you will enjoy this website, let me know!


Could you imagine that Venice was so close to the Dolomites?

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