Seasonality on the Dolomites is very important. Each season show us the mountains in a different way: woods, rocks, snow, flowers, all change from a month to another. So, how to choose when to take a holiday here?

Spring: is a great period. Hiking is again possible after the snow has melted, but the peaks are still white and snow is plentiful on them. So the panorama is similar to a little “Canada”: bright colours in the valleys, many flowers, a freshness all around you. Temperature is still fresh (easily under 15°C).

Spring top elements: no tourists, good weather, great panorama, good prices in Hotels and apartments.
Spring bad elements: huts are still closed, cold temperature possible.
Be careful of: snow on the paths is still possible, expecially over 2.000 mt. altidude; bring warm clothing with you.

Summer: is the most common season to hike. This not necessary means that it is the best period. Of course summer brings big benefits to hikers: temperature is warm, huts are all open, there is no risks with snow or ice on the paths, so it is surely a good period. Unfortunately most of the people think the same, so Summer bring also a lot of people on the paths. Wheather is usually good, but air is full of humidity, so afternoon thunderstorm or rainy days are frequent.

Summer top elements: general good weather, warm temperature, huts open.
Summer bad elements: many tourists, high prices in Hotels and apartments.
Be careful of: many tourists means more risk in some difficult or exposed passages. If you want to sleep in a hut remember to reserve it some days before, or you probably will not find a free bed.


Autumn: is the season I love. No longer tourists on the paths, no longer a too warm climate. Again the possibility to hike admiring the snow over the highest peaks, and especially the fantastic colours of the wood. Orange, red, yellow, dark green are the colours of the Leaves during Autumn, so the period between the second half of September to the first half of November is something you should absolutely see on Dolomites.

Autumn top elements: general good weather, great colours, few tourism.
Autumn bad elements: huts are closed, cold temperature possible.
Be careful of: snow on the paths is possible, expecially over 2.000 mt. altidude; bring warm clothing with you.

Winter: is usually an off limits season for hiking. The snow falls abundantly expecially in January and February, so it is not possibile to hike without snowshoeing. But snowshoeing means also having a good knowledge of risks of snow, avalanches, and having the correct saving devices with you. This arguments is out from this blog. So, simply, in this season you have to go down under 1.000 mt. altidude to find some good path without snow.


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If you are a passionate hiker, you surely heard to speak about Dolomites before. This fantastic mountain group grew up from the bottom of the sea million years ago. With the particular rocky colours and fascinating shapes Dolomites are a sort of paradise for every hiker, trekker and climber since the XIX century.dolomites-area

Dolomites are located in the North East of Italy, in the Eastern side of the Alps. The main part of them are included into Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige regions, not so far from the important International Airport of Venice, or from the smaller but well-served airport of Treviso.

There are fundamentally 2 main ways to go into the heart of Dolomites Region: one from the Brenner Highway that connect Verona with Innsbruck and Munich, or from Venice (Highway A27) that connect this beautiful city with the town of Belluno, the real gateway to the mountains of this area.

The distances are not so heavy. From Venice Airport “Marco Polo” to Cortina d’Ampezzo (the “Queen of Dolomites” and one of the must-to-see of the area) is only 150 km by car (2 hrs on a easy road). From Treviso Airport is about the same.

This road, called “Alemagna”, drive you in the eastern side of Dolomites, full of beauty. Is the kingdom of some famous peak, such as Tofane group, Tre Cime di Lavaredo (German “Drei Zinnen”), Dolomiti di Sesto (German “Sextener Dolomites”) with their beautiful Natural Parks.

On the other side, with a little longer trip (180-200 km by car) from Verona Airport you will easily reach 2 of the most beautiful dolomitic valley: the Ladins valleys Val di Fassa and Val Gardena.

Where do you think to go?

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