Is a Day Trip from Venice to Dolomites Viable? #2

Are you a hiking globetrotter or do you have just 1 day to visit Dolomites? Well, I am sorry you have just few time! Dolomites need at least 1 week for a good approach and taste! But…

But if instead of 1 week you want to spend just 1 day of hiking in the Dolomites, starting the same day from Venice and returning in the evening, it is a bit more complicated but…Yes, you can !
Here is some suggestion for this quick experience: first, you must rent a car. There is no possibility to spend just 1 day starting from Venice with public transport (bus or train). Public transport it is not so efficient in this area, unfortunately.

So, considered primarily to find accommodation not in Venice (I mean water city or city center) but in the so-called mainland areas (Mestre) or near the International Airport (Tessera). This will save you around 30′ minutes on the road to Belluno and the Dolomites. In particular from the Venice Airport a highway link allows you very quickly to take the A27 motorway that ends few kilometers after Belluno in the municipality of Longarone.

In case you choose this solution the advice is to look for a hike in the area of Belluno Dolomites. These valleys are easily accessible from Venice (in particular the Zoldo Valley, Comelico Valley, Cadore and Ampezzo Valley.

Each of this valleys are reachable in around 90 minutes by car from Venice Mestre. Consider to move early in the morning to be able to start your hike no later than 10:00 AM.

For a 1 day hike Spring and Autumn are preferrable. Summer has a couple of problems: heavy traffic (expecially on Saturday and Sunday) and weather that usually turns into bad in the afternoon, reducing your hiking possibilities. If weather forecast are good, during Spring and Autumn you will have more possibilities of good weather all day long.

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