Little-known Hikes on Dolomites: Avoid Overtourism.

Here are some fascinating little-known destinations for hikers who love mountains solitude.

Are you looking for little-known destinations for hikers on Dolomites?You are in the tight place. Nowadays all over the world tourism has reached levels never known before, and “overtourism” is a new word that indicates when a place has exceeded its capacity to welcome tourists and risks “dying of tourism”. Living most of the time in Venice, I exactly know the meaning of this word.

Mountains tourism is quickly changing.

Even if the Dolomites are not a great touristic destination as Venice, Rome or Florence, more and more people from all over the world go there for the fame they have actually achieved. It is to say that hikers are not “harmful” like other categories of tourists, they are more responsible, aware, carefully attentive to the environment, etc., but certainly tourism in the Dolomites is also quickly changing.

When I was a child, it was not unusual to find German hikers and sometimes some English on the trails, but today it is easy to find Poles, Czechs, or Canadians, Austrialians and people from the States, and also groups of Chinese and Koreans. If you are reading this post probably you belong to one of these countries. Mountain hiking is spreading as a sport and wellness practice, so it is growing more and more. On the main trails there is sometimes a shuttle services to easily reach huts by jeep, and some huts propose concerts, events and happenings, and more. 

It is easy to understand how even in the Dolomites it is possible to speak of overtourism. In particular, some areas are now very famous, thanks to social networks.

Parking at Lake Braies could be very hard…
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There are beautiful hikes far from the crowd.

It is easy to understand how even in the Dolomites it is possible to speak of overtourism. In particular, some areas are now very famous thanks to social networks, instagram photos, and often assaulted by unprepared tourists with sneakers. Everyone wants to see the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Lake Braies or Lake Sorapiss, which are now a must for everyone. 

I can understand that those who come from distant countries want to see these enchanted places. But if your stay in the Dolomites lasts for more than few days or simply you also love the mountains for their tranquility and isolation, here are some little-known destinations for hikers on Dolomites, some laces that will leave you with beautiful memories and above all a lot of peace!

1. Lastoi di Formin

A isolated and highly panoramic peak, well known for Winter ski-alp. Beautiful valley down of the peak

2. Val Popena

An alternative way to admire Misurina Lake from above, in a silent and not touristic area.

3. Settsass Peak

An easy peak, very well positioned between the highest Dolomites peaks.

4. Monte Pore

An unusual volcanic grassy and easy peak, in front of Marmolada nad others peaks.

5. Croda del Becco

An unmissable peak into the Prag-Sennes-Braies Natural Park, steeply above the Lake Braies.

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