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Which Tourism for Mountain after Coronavirus?

Everything will change. But in which way? Are there any Opportunities to take? Which kind of mountain tourism after coronavirus? The Covid-19 virus has sunk the entire world tourism market in a few weeks. Nobody travels anymore, and the forecasts in Europe are that in 2020 tourism will return to the levels of 1978, with


Little-known Hikes on Dolomites: Avoid Overtourism.

Here are some fascinating little-known destinations for hikers who love mountains solitude. Are you looking for little-known destinations for hikers on Dolomites?You are in the tight place. Nowadays all over the world tourism has reached levels never known before, and “overtourism” is a new word that indicates when a place has exceeded its capacity to


10 Rules To Hike on Dolomites.

Here some good rules for hiking on Dolomites. Safely. Don’t you want to Turn Your Holiday into a Bad Experience, right? Title too dramatic? Maybe … but not so much. Every year, especially in summer, the Alpine Rescue carries out numerous rescue operations for tourists and hikers in difficulty, some of which could have been


Is a Day Trip from Venice to Dolomites Viable? #2

Are you a hiking globetrotter or do you have just 1 day to visit Dolomites? Well, I am sorry you have just few time! Dolomites need at least 1 week for a good approach and taste! But… But if instead of 1 week you want to spend just 1 day of hiking in the Dolomites,


Is It Allowed To Sleep In a Tent on the Dolomites?

Are you leaving for Dolomites and want to travel with your tent? Your dream is to sleep under the starry sky or do you love the idea of ​​a low-cost travel? Beware, it’s not so simple. Italy is well known for having one of the most complicated bureaucracies in the Western World, and camping rules


3 Great Hiking Rings of Multiple Days on the Dolomites

Today I want to introduce you 3 beautiful hiking rings of the Dolomites, in 3 different scenarios, all very fascinating and that will leave you more than satisfied. None of these 3 hiking rings has special hiking difficulties, I certainly recommend it to those who have already hiking experience, otherwise they can be tackled by


How To Read The Path Signs And Evaluate The Path Level

The path signs of the Dolomites trails are different, but for the most they follow the guidelines of CAI (Alpine Italian Club), the historic mountaineering club that still owns many huts, and which is often responsible for information and maintenance of many alpine and dolomitic trails. It is always very important to read all the path


What to Put in Your Backpack for a 1-day Hike in the Dolomites

Everyone for sure has an idea of what to put in a backpack. But it is very important to chose correctly what is really fundamental, what is less important, and what is unnecessary. I remember once time ago a friend of mine that came for a 2-days hike in the Dolomites in Friuli Region with a


How To Check If A Hut Is Open

When a hut is open? Huts are a traditional element of Alps, but in the Dolomites they are characterized in particular by the high number and the short distance (usually) between them. On Dolomites there are dozens of huts, and in most of them you can find restaurant and rooms. Many of them are recently restored and


Is a Day Trip from Venice to Dolomites Viable? #1

Is Venice too far from Dolomites to make viable a day trip to these wonderful mountains? Maybe you are one of the 20 Millions tourists that every year pass by Venice and Veneto Region, and because you love mountains, you would like to have a day trip to Dolomites. Of course, yes, you can. The


Which Map Is Better To Use To Hike in Dolomites?

Despite of the impressive development of new Technologies, a good old paper map is still your best hike partner. As you can see also in my website, it is fantastic to use a GPS track to see whenever you want your exact position and altitude, and now we have a lot of instruments that allow us


Before You Go: Accurate Weather Forecasts

Getting accurate weather forecasts before you go to hike is fundamental. This is valid all over the world, and Dolomites confirm it. A sudden cloudy and foggy weather can easily make you become disoriented, or a sudden rainy weather can heavily makes your trail dangerous. This is why when you plan a hike on Dolomites


Which Is The Best Season To Hike On Dolomites?

Seasonality on the Dolomites is very important. Each season show us the mountains in a different way: woods, rocks, snow, flowers, all change from a month to another. So, how to choose when to take a holiday here? Spring: is a great period. Hiking is again possible after the snow has melted, but the peaks


Where Dolomites Are And How To Reach Them

If you are a passionate hiker, you surely heard to speak about Dolomites before. This fantastic mountain group grew up from the bottom of the sea million years ago. With the particular rocky colours and fascinating shapes Dolomites are a sort of paradise for every hiker, trekker and climber since the XIX century. Dolomites are located in