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Getting accurate weather forecasts before you go to hike is fundamental. This is valid all over the world, and Dolomites confirm it. A sudden cloudy and foggy weather can easily make you become disoriented, or a sudden rainy weather can heavily makes your trail dangerous. This is why when you plan a hike on Dolomites you have to hold accurate weather forecasts. When I say “accurate” I mean a precise hourly forecasts: to know hour by hour how the climate will change is very important to plan your hike, f.e. to plan a correct starting time, or to decide at what time your hike must be closed.

On Dolomites, as for all Alps, weather can change very quickly, and a sunny day can suddenly become windy or heavily rainy, especially on Summer. Sometimes this can give you only some discomfort, but can also be dangerous if you are on a peak or if you have to pass some difficult stretch of trail.

And so, where to take this accurate forecasts? Forget any web forecasts, general websites, or anything similar.

The top of the Dolomites weather forecasts are on these 3 website:

  • ARPA Veneto: ARPA is the Regional Agency for Enviromental Protection for Veneto Region. Its forecasts are really accurate and every hiker or Alpine Guide consult it the day before the hike. Their bulletin is updated 2 or 3 times every day, so they are really useful and precise. I suggest you to read the forecasts in Italian (helped by Google translate), because English version is very short.
  • Meteo Trentino: for the Province of Trento, it is the same service
  • Meteo Provincia di Bolzano: for the Province of Bolzano/Bozen, it is the same service

You can download bulletins in pdf format and print it to take them with you on your hike.

Remeber to choose your hike well considerng the weather, avoiding to climb on a peak if weather is not 100% sure and confortable (risk of lighting with storms!). Also remember that some path cam become dangerous and slippery with rain, or that a long trail in the rain or cold can heavily decrease your energy and safety and strength of your muscles.

bad-weatherWeather can quickly change on Alps and Dolomites

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