3 Great Hiking Rings of Multiple Days on the Dolomites
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Today I want to introduce you 3 beautiful hiking rings of the Dolomites, in 3 different scenarios, all very fascinating and that will leave you more than satisfied.

None of these 3 hiking rings has special hiking difficulties, I certainly recommend it to those who have already hiking experience, otherwise they can be tackled by the less experienced thanks to the support of a Alpine Guide, which remains the safest of the solutions.

They are all very very classic hikes … I do not know your capability and your knowledge of dolomitic enviroment, so let you decide whether to make the hikes in 2 days or more. We say that for a trained hiker 2 day is enough, but since everyone has his way of walking, his time and his desires, you may of course decide to spend more days.

You can also ask me more details directly if you want.

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SEXTENER DOLOMITEN from Auronzo hut to Zsigmondy Comici hut. A ring from the Three Peaks of Lavaredo to the heart of Sextener Dolomites.

view of the Sextener Dolomites from Tre Cime
view of the Sextener Dolomites from Tre Cime

The Three Peaks of Lavaredo (Tre Cime/Drei Zinnen) are the classic image of all postcards in the Dolomites. And it’s easy to understand why. Three rocky giants that touch the 3,000 meters with extraordinary overhanging walls.

This excursion starts from the Auronzo hut (mt 2.320) to which you will arrive by car on the paved road (tickets 25.00 EUR for cars, 18.00 EUR for motorbikes) from Lake Misurina. You can avoid toll payment by leaving your car before the toll booth (1,880 m), which is about 3km away from Lake Misurina, and walking to the path to the Auronzo hut. In this case add 1.5 to 2 hours of walking. For more details on this first part of the hike see here

From the Rifugio Auronzo an easy and flat track takes you shortly to the Rifugio Lavaredo, and from here to the Forcella Lavaredo (2,445 mt). Here the panorama on the Tre Cime is spectacular. From Forcella Lavaredo you can see the Rifugio Locatelli (mt 2,405), the next step of the tour, which is reachable in about 1 hour from the Forcella, without any particular ascent unless the last 15 minutes. From Rifugio Locatelli follow the indications for Rifugio Pian di Cengia (mt 2,528), that you will see after passing the Forcella Pian di Cengia, which requires some effort in the ascent. The small and lonely Rif. Pian of Cengia welcomes us and opens the way to the Zsigmondy-Comic Hut (mt 2,224), the final destination of the first part of the hike.

Open and beautiful views on the Sextener Dolomiten peaks, especially Monte Paterno and the Croda dei Toni, accompany us along the way.


The return can be done the same way but surely it is worth closing the excursion with a ring returning to the Tre Cime through the path that leads between the Rif. Comici and Rif. Pian di Cengia, and passing through the beautiful lakes of Cengia and the lakes of Lavaredo. Then close the hike returning to Rif. Lavaredo and the Tre Cime from the south side.


in each hut it is possible to book a bed during the whole Summer, with a little advance. I recommend the Comici Hut for amplitude, service and location.


2 or 3 days according to your abilities and desires. Want to know more about travel times, altitudes or other details? Write to me!

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This is great information Matt. We are a very reasonable fit couple and willing to add an extra third day to this hike. Would you have any suggestions on how to turn this in to a three-dayer?Kind regards,Sander
Hi Sander, you could add path 117 "Bonacossa" from Auronzo hut to Fonda Savio hut. Beautiful and wild, with some iron rope in the hardest sections.

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